Thursday, February 22, 2007

Oprah and Ellen

Can anyone tell me why it's big news that Oprah is appearing on the Ellen show today? Why is it a headline on my Boston news website? I don't watch either show - daytime is writing time, cleaning time and post 3:00pm kid time. So what's the big deal? And no, I don't think for a minute Oprah is using the Ellen show to come out of the closet. I neither know nor care if she even IS in the closet.


Matt-Man said...

I would prefer it if Oprah was in a closet. Far removed from all life forms. We could slide her food and drink under the door. And yes it is a big promotion here as well.

adrienne said...

There is something about Oprah that is like royalty. That she deems to honour Ellen's show with her presence, I suppose is considered news.

I really do love Ellen though. And her show is very fun. Sometimes I don't think the audience realises how subversive she is at times. She's just a cool chick.