Thursday, February 08, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith Has Died!
Oh, and the CDC reports that autism rates are now 1 in 150 kids, a change from 1 in 166 kids previously quoted. And a bit of a departure from the 1 in 10,000 a mere two decades ago. But really,it's just better diagnosis. Didn't your Mom have a dozen friends with kids who couldn't speak? Kids who need an aide in to sit in a regular classroom? Kids who were brilliant but struggled to fit into the social structure? Well? She must have if this is just a matter of better diagnosis. Who knew pediatricians were so stupid 30 years ago?


Harvey Moskowitz said...

I wish I had something thoughtful or funny to add, but I don't. Anna Nicole's death has left me with a dull aching feeling in my gut, the type I hadn't felt since that day they had to tell me Nipsey Russell had passed.

All afternoon, the phone hasn't stopped ringing, as friends and family alike are offering a mixture of grief, shock and regret. To a man, we've all agreed that some type of warning or prolonged illness would have made this a more palatable experience. As Joni Mitchell so aptly put it, you don't know what you've got till it's gone.

Perhaps my 74-yr-old father said it best when he reminded me that, regardless of how devastated we all might be feeling now, we should take a moment to celebrate what Anna Nicole left us, particularly on VHS video and in glossy photographs. That's the only thing that's kept me going throughout this ordeal -- that, and the idea that Jenna Jameson still walks god's green earth.

Tena said...

"CDC reports that autism rates are now 1 in 150 kids, a change from 1 in 166 kids previously quoted."

I wonder if that statistic applies world-wide or if it's just in the US.

Darla said...

No, Tena, the rates vary around the world. Here in the UK the prevalence is 1 in 100!!!!!!!

This is an interesting link to read although it appears the UK information isn't quite up to speed:

Laura said...

The 1 in 150 is high, but not shocking to those of us in the mix. Since I've joined the exciting world of Autism, I've gone from thinking of it as "that thing on 'Rain Man'" to having two good friends from my pre-kids days have kids on the spectrum. And, of the 7 kids who were in my older son's baby play group, 3 now have Autism! The overlap between the "outside world" and the "autism world" is becoming much greater now!

Anna, I remember when you were the kinda trashy Texan on the Guess? ads. RIP, sugar!

Harvey Moskowitz said...

Anna Nicole's next Guess? ad will likely revolve around a posthumous paternity suit.

Kim Stagliano said...

How true Harvey - say, you like buxom blondes don't you????? Roll up your sleeve!

Harvey Moskowitz said...

I think I'd be about 72 hours too late, no? I mean, I prefer them quiet, but pulses are good, too.

P.S. How'd the haircut go?