Tuesday, September 16, 2008

When did Dr. Phil get a last name?
Am I the only person in America who did not know Dr. Phil's last name? I'm eating lunch and reading the NYT and there's a nice looking ad for his new book. "Dr. Phil McGraw." I really ought to turn off MSNBC and CNN and turn on daytime TV. Well, maybe not today.


The Anti-Wife said...

Well said!

Laura said...

Haha! I only know Dr. Phil's last name because I read "Oprah" magazine. There, I've admitted it. No, really, I only get it for the ads, you know the way men read Playboy "for the articles". ;)

I rarely turn on the TV during the day, and if so, the boys will magically appear and insist on turning it to PBS. My grandmother called me last year very excited to tell me to watch Oprah, because Jenny was on. So, if there's autism on daytime TV, Gran keeps me informed!

Anonymous said...

i did know. maybe cause it's the same as mr 'i heart you' tim mcgraw .. or maybe cause i watch too much tv .. hmm .. they run his show late night up here (ok, late in my life, which is like ten) and i always feel better watching it cause the guests tend to be utter train wrecks so i get to feel like i have my sh!t together by contrast.

i used to really like him, but that whole britney spears thing was pretty rank.

Sleeping with Ward Cleaver said...

I just want to know is his wife dumping him or not???
Hey--guess what? I took the plunge and started a blog. Come by to visit me some time--you can link it at my website!

RJeff said...

Yes. Yes, Kim, I believe you are.


Kim Stagliano said...

I thought so. Oprah.... Oprah Windham?