Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Shelly!

Today is my sister's birthday. Ordinarily I would not blog her birthday. However, since she is spending the day with the detritus of Hurricane Ike, has no power and lives NW of Houston, where muggy is an artform, I don't really have any way to reach her. So.... this way she knows my parents (who just left, after a weekend visit) wish her a Happy Birthday. Sweaty, sticky, and yucky - but her house is standing and her family is safe, so, happy indeed.


Amanda said...

certainly something to be happy about in the circumstances!

Very glad I'm here not there by the reports we're getting on the news

Maddy said...

Indeed happy. The reports are chilling.
Best wishes

Laura said...

Glad to hear things are OK with your sis! I am feeling hot and clammy just thinking about Houston without ac. Hope things are back to normal soon!