Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I love homework!

Sound crazy? Listen to what my Jiggy G did today. She had a homework assignment to write down ten things she likes, for art class. I suppose they're going to draw them or sculpt them into butter or something like that. She's in 6th grade now. So we sat down with pencil and paper and started her list.

1) Swimming

2) Ice Cream (OK, it's coconut milk, but let's not split hairs.)

3) Church (shocking, I know.)

and on went our list, with me helping her.

Then she added the last three herself. 8) Blue, 9) Manatee, 10) Pizza.

She thought of what she likes and told me and wrote it down. NO HELP. This is the first time she's answered homework questions that were abstract - not addition or subtraction or spelling - memory work. But creative thoughts from her own little brain. It's a huge step for her! And I'm so proud!!!


Petra said...

Cheering for Ms. G out here!!!

Anonymous said...

that's fantastic, kim! and HUGE!

wonderful, wonderful work miss G!!

~Miss Nelson said...


Laura said...

Woohoo! Go Gia!

Laura said...

Ignore my previous post. It was directed to the movie from the 90s starring Angelina.

Ahem. What I meant to write, was
"Woohoo! Go GIANNA!" My brain very nicely combined two of your daughters names into one. Keep in mind that I usually call my sons by the wrong name, or by a pet's name, etc.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Awesome! Go 'Lil G!

Amy said...

hey that's awesome!!

Drama Mama said...


Jeanne said...

Wow Kim, that's incredible!

Amanda said...

I have tears welling and I'm fit to burst!

BIG HUGS for Miss G