Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"The Economy is Fundamentally Sound." John McCain, yesterday.

Lehman: GONE

Bear Stearns: GONE

Merrill Lynch: SOLD

CountryWide: SOLD

AIG: On it's way out



The party of big business has had a fine run, haven't they? I don't care who was captain of the ship 10+ years ago. The current administration has made the Titanic and Exxon Valdez look like Theodore Tugboat episodes. Let's invite them back to power then, shall we? Then I'll meet you at the Salvation Army. We'll share a bowl of soup and talk about when Americans had pensions for having worked hard for 40 years, health insurance that covered their needs, a chance to send their kids to college and watch them do better than their parents did. We'll chat about when Unions protected their members to ensure that we'd have a middle class. We'll fondly remember the American dream of homeownership - before homes were ATM machines and values were more inflated than Melanie Griffith's lips.
Sarah Palin may own her own tanning machine - but it's you and I who stand to get burned.
I have writing to do today. I'm slapping on headphones and disappearing for six hours. Have a good day.


Laura said...

Scary, scary stuff. Hubby and I watched a documentary on debt Sunday night, "In Debt We Trust." Yeah, our economy is like a rock made of moon sand. China is holding so much of the US's debts, too. That's not scary at all.

RJeff said...

And now, for something completely different ....

The GOP, a.k.a. the party of smaller government, is days away from proposing a new GOVERNMENT AGENCY designed to help banks DUMP BAD LOANS, financed with 700,000,000,000 dollars (just typing the zeroes gives me agita) of OUR TAX MONEY.

Yet the Dems are the "tax-and-spend liberals".

The funny thing is that most Americans believe that last statement.