Saturday, September 06, 2008

You know you've arrived when there's a doll version in the works! This is Caribou Barbie. Not sure why she has a Frankenstein's bride skunk stripe. I'd have put a hockey stick in her other hand. To get her baby, you have to buy her daughter's doll, since she's always holding the little guy.
And yes, it's really a joke, sort of. I think.


daharja said...


I'd laugh if it weren't so scary.

PS - The skunk stripe is to indicate that her politics STINK.

Kim Stagliano said...

LOL! That's not nice! I've got some real questions for Mr. Obama, believe me. His stance on autism is about as stinky as a skunk's. More to follow, trust me. I don't spare anyone.

GFCF Mommy said...

With Ike headed my way, this gave me a much needed laugh! Thank you!


Laura said...

Ooh! If I had Barbies, I would totally do that. She needs a white-haired Ken with puffy face. I bet they have some somewhere. Wait, found this:
Here's another one: Doesn't look at all like Barack.

daharja said...

Well, that's the problem with politics, you see. Whoever you vote for, you end up with a politician.


daharja said...

Hey Laura,

Don't forget the rheumy eyes on your Ken doll.

But the plastic boy bits would be about right.

[naughty personal attacks R US]


Kim Stagliano said...

....Tiger box not included.

Senator, can you tell us how you feel about the rising cost of milk. "When I was a POEW we had to drink cockroach milk."

Senator, can you tell me how you feel about Tom Brady's season ending injury? "When I was a POW I had several broken limbs."

Senator, what's the forecast today? "When I was a POW the rain pelted us every day."

It's 2008, not 1968. History matters. Service matters. Bravery matters. But it's 2008 and we have problems unique to our times.