Wednesday, September 17, 2008

CONTEST! I'm running a contest for a CD targeted at kids who love trains and created by an Autism Dad.

To enter, you have to leave a comment HERE at Age of Autism in the comments section. No registration required. You will have to prove you're not a Spambot though.

ConductorsAll aboard for fun! Win a copy of The Conductors' "Navigating The Spectrum" CD featuring autism Dad and Indie Rocker "Smokestack" Joe Hutchinson. We have THREE copies to give away, just leave a comment with your name.

Every kid likes trains. Every kid LOVES the Conductors. Embracing the best qualities of the Beatles, Wiggles & Raffi, a train load of memorable original songs. Gentle enough for kids with AUTISM, ADHD & Sensory Issues (AUTISM INSPIRED!)

You can see The Conductors perform at "Walk Now For Autism" at Angel's Stadium on Sunday, November 16th in Anaheim, California. Can't wait? Bring the kids to their record release party at TRAVEL TOWN, Griffith Park's Railroad Museum on Sunday, October 12th at 11:00am sharp at 5200 Zoo Drive, Los Angeles, CA. Arrive early for best parking! RSVP at

The Conductors' leader "Smokestack Joe", is a dedicated and proud parent of a child with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (Autism). Already successful as an Indie Rock artist, (HUTCH ) he started The Conductors as a way to celebrate the joys of parenthood and to deliver a fun, positive message to families worldwide while raising support and awareness for the Autism community. Believing in the magic of music to heal and bring people together for the greater good, Joe hopes The Conductors' music will continue to inspire families for generations to come.

Go to to learn more and to buy copies in time for the holidays!


Kim Stagliano said...

You can not enter here! Re-read the post and click over to Age of Autism to enter. I've provided the link. Thanks. KIM

Amanda said...

I did!! ;D