Friday, September 26, 2008

Have You Read JA Konrath ?

Scary times call for scarier books. Here's tonight's reading!


Amy said...

You know I'm staying out of your political debate, because...well, I hate politics.

But, I thought of you today because I know you love the fried food, even if you are a good little girl and don't eat it often for fear of busting out of those size 4 Levi's of yours. Today the great State Fair of Texas opened it's hallowed gates. Click on the link to enjoy the list of fried goodies featured at this year's fair. And if you hurry, you can fly down in time for the corn dog eating contest tomorrow. Just don't forget to save room for the chicken fried bacon smothered in cream gravy and some fried Jelly Bellys for dessert. Have a great weekend!

Love, Dallasgirl

Kim Stagliano said...

YUM!!! Oh how I love a good corn dog. I do. And I'm dying to try the friend candy bars. And even a fried Twinkie. Are you doing to the fair with the boys?? Sniff. I want to go to a major state fair just once in my life. I've been to The Big E in Massachusetts, but even I know it doesn't compare to the Texas State Fair. Someday...

The politics is CRAZY right now! But in a scary way, not a let's just take sides my team your team kind of way. It's a very frightening time for America.