Friday, December 29, 2006

Writing Resolutions

What are your writing resolutions for 2007? Mine? Match up with an agent who believes in my ability as a writer, is captivated by Kat Cavicchio's strong voice and who feels the love for my story. Then sell my book to a publishing house. I don't expect an agent to carry my water. I'm eager to work to sell my book. I'm also working on my second book, three chapters in to date.

I have fallen in the love with the entire process of writing, querying (I know, I'm odd) and can't wait to graduate to the next steps. I love learning about the industry. Having kids with such major issues has made me thick skinned when it comes to life's daily rejections and roadblocks. Once you've seen your six year old with two broken bones and no speech to be able to tell you she is in agony there isn't a rejection letter in the world that can really bother you.

Here's my attitude. I gave birth to my children. I did not give birth to my MS. Sure, I wrote it. But I am willing and able to edit it into its best form. That doesn't mean I'll fiddle with my core meaning or change a character away from what I think he or she needs to be. But embellishments? Clarifications? Tweaks? When I get that input from an agent I want to kiss him. It's like having Julia Child whisper in your ear "A pinch of salt and how about adding a touch of sherry?" I won't revise to the degree of "change your stock from chicken to beef" though.

Good luck to all the writers I've met in 2006. Whether you're established or debuting your first book or even just finishing your MS. Enjoy and happy writing.

"See you on the bookshelves!"



Stacy said...

Dealing with autism certainly has trained you for many things: running the war in Iraq, the publishing industry. What can't you do? :)

That's so sad about your six-year-old. Poor little girl! The autism community is very lucky to have you as an "Autism Mom." With your vibrant personality and your writing skills, you can speak on behalf of many parents who might not have the time, talent, or energy to bring the needs of children with autism to the awareness of the public.

Have a happy new year, Kim! I'm sure this will be your year for a book deal.

ORION said...

I have two words for you.
Publishers Marketplace.
Subscribe and read it every day.
Read the blurbs that describe each of the books sold. Get an idea of what agents are representing and editors are buying.
A good agent will have a plan for selling your book already but it is important for you to be proactive with respect to knowing where your book fits in and what your next book will be like. You need to know how you differ and who will be reading your books...

Kim Stagliano said...

I get the lunch update every day in my in box. You're right - reading PM is incredibly helpful and well worth the $20 a month. And attending Backspace provided a monster leap in my planning, understanding and knowledge.

ORION said...

Then the next step - Publishers Weekly.
I agree that conferences are a way to make a giant leap in understanding.
Good for you!

Jackie T. said...

Ha ha ... you go girl!! My resolution is to get a DEPENDABLE man in 2007. No more of those Tuesday thru Friday deals for me. I want SEVEN days a week. I just need to find him now ;)

Happy New Year every body!!!