Wednesday, December 13, 2006

SCRUMMY CHOCOLATE TINSEL! Does that make me a "Scrummy Mummy?"

That's the name generated for me on this silly holiday link. Type in your name and it gives you a holiday name.

Go ahead, click it and find out your own holiday name. Mine is perfect. I got into a scrum on an autism list last night, I live on chocolate and who doesn't love tinsel? So run your name and let me know what it is!

(PS) I just ran my husband's name: "Chocolate Cracker" it's a Brit site - so do you suppose they mean the lovely Christmas crackers that you pull open to reveal a toy or the American racist term for White Man??? Mark IS a white man. And I can pull certain parts to reveal a toy. Tres interesant. My girls are A) Chocolate Cracker (must be the M in the first name), B) Fuzzy Chocolate Bum -- TOO appropriate as she never ever wipes well, and C) Fuzzy Chocolate Pixie for my sweet 6 year old who has the face of a beautiful pixie. HA!


Stacy said...

I'm not admitting to my holiday name.

Name generators hate me. Like the hobbit name generator that once told me I was to be named something-or-other Chubb-Baggins. Ooh, thanks!

Glad you enjoy your new name, though :)

Kim Stagliano said...

Oh dear. I'll be happy to share mine. Scrummy Chocolate Tinsel II.

LadyBronco said...


You may now call me Fuzzy Scrooge-Cheeks!

That is hilarious...I'm going to show my kids. They will get a big kick outta that!

Kim Stagliano said...

LadyBronco that's a howl! I can't seem to comment on your blog these days. I'll try again later.


ORION said...

I'm fuzzy holly sprout...This is an EXCELLENT time waster rather than doing my work.

Lauren Baratz-Logsted said...

I'm Lucky Holly-Noodles.

Allison said...

mine was "lucky dancing baubles"

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