Tuesday, December 26, 2006

To The Generous Ho Ho Hunk At Starbucks

Ah, the Christmas spirit! I was at Starbucks on The Cape on 12/24 when the handsome, impeccably dressed man in front of me and I picked up a pack of Starbucks coffee cup tree ornaments at the same time. We looked at each other and I said "Is it just wrong to put coffee cups on my tree?" He laughed and said "I'll buy them if you buy them." We made a deal. Then I remembered that I had my husband's Starbuck's card, not cash. So I put the $13 ornaments down, not sure how much cash was loaded into the card and explained my situation. Well dressed hunk picked up the second package and said, "Well, I can put one on my tree in Boston and one on my tree on the Cape." We each paid for our coffee and then he handed me a pack of the ornaments. "Merry Christmas" he said with a smile. I thanked him and left Starbucks with a skinny Gingerbread no whip latte, two lovely ornaments and a dose of Christmas cheer.


Jackie T. said...

Hahaha! Every once in a while something like this happens with me (though they're usually not as "hunky" as you got here, sister). I once had a guy bring my groceries to my pick-up at the Winn Dixie...but he had something else in mind...he EXPOSED himself to me. ?? Men...they sure are hard to handle.

mcewen said...

Hmm! Those hidden talents are becoming a bit flagrant!

Anonymous said...

McEwen, his, mine or the power of the coffee?