Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Uh oh! Gianna has the hiccups!

For those of you who swing by who have kids with autism, you'll appreciate this. My 10 year old (Miss G) is walking around the kitchen saying "Uh oh! Gianna has the hiccups! Got to get some ice cold water!" And then she gets the water, drinks it and forces herself to have hiccups. Imitates hiccups! Very cool.

Miss G sounds like Bob Dole when she speaks. Always in the third person reflexive. She is a funny kid. My most verbal. The one who is sneaking up on typical fastest. Lord, I adore my Jiggy G. I love the other two -- don't get me wrong. But Miss G gives me those snapshots of typical I crave. The "This is how other parents live" moments that make me shake my head and say "Jiminy Cricket, that's so cool."

Thanks Jiggy G!


Manic Mom said...

Hee hee, getting jiggy with it!

Kim Stagliano said...

How you think I got the kid?