Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ugh, if I had balls they’d be aching right now. As it is, my stomach is in my shoes. TWO SASE’s back today. One did have a very nice handwritten note from the agent on it though “I regret this one isn’t a match.” Oh how I wish she’d just say “This is sophomoric drivel that will never be published.” Or “My uncle Cedric writes better than you and he only went to the third grade, in Latvia.” or "If you think anyone on the planet wants to be amused by autism you are sorely mistaken you moronic twit." (Hmm, sounds rather Snarkish doesn't it?)




Manic Mom said...

Kim, they only say it's sophomoric drivel if it really is sophomoric drivel.

The agent was being honest, I'm sure. Lots of things are taken into effect when they reject. You cannot take it personally.

Take it from me, with over 100 rejections to my name, and still going!!!

Talent, Persistence, Timing.

A published author is an amateur who doesn't quit.

Remember those nuggets of truth!

And quit your whining--I once got THREE rejections in the mail in one day, so I got ya beat sista!

: )

Kim Stagliano said...

YOU WIN. The day I get three I walk into the middle of the street and just stand there... :) Thanks, Steph.

Diane said...

Cyber chocolate on the way!

Try this site:

Debora said...

So sorry about the "r"...but it's just a minor roadblock on your roadtrip to fame! Hang in there.

As a mom of a 15 year old with autism - and two more average childer and fellow aspiring author...I'm rooting for you!

Have a great day (and your blog is a hoot)!

Kim Stagliano said...

Thanks, Debora. Your 15 year old, boy or girl? My three ASD beauties are girls which seems impossible, doesn't it?


Trish Ryan said...

I'd guess that a handwritten "I regret this isn't a match" is agentspeak for "don't give up, this is good stuff!" You want your book with the agent in the BEST position to sell it. In the meantime, eat chocolate. I like Shanna Swendson's reward system - give yourself an M&M for each new query you send out :)

Swishy said...

Just think of how much you'll appreciate it when it happens! (I know, I know--you'd appreciate it. But REALLY! Imagine the giddiness!) It'll happen. Hang in there.