Tuesday, September 26, 2006


My kids ride the short bus to school. Yes they do. They're safe, in good hands and frankly, some mornings, when the three of them are whisked away to their autism programs, leaving me with complete silence in the house, I don't care if it's the short bus or the Freddie Kruegger limo service. I grab my coffee and I start querying agents in peaceful bliss.

But the last two days have really burned my behind. PEOPLE DRIVING AROUND OR BLOWING BY THE SHORT BUS! WTF!? We live on a busy two lane, double yellow line road. When the bus stops it has a stop sign that swings out like every other GD school bus. People blow their horns in frustration. I want to invite them in for a few hours in my house to see if they'd like to live here for awhile.

You know what? My kids need seat belts and they take a little time to get off the bus. It's the short bus, for God's sake. Give the kids, and the mom a break, will you?



Stacy said...

That's crazy. What is wrong with people? Maybe you should take pictures of these reckless drivers -with good views of their license plates.

TJBrown said...

Seat belts are good. And I agree. Take pictures:)

Kim Stagliano said...

When the dude in the huge Dodge sedan (you know that big retro looking car that says "I live on a cul de sac but I'm really a tough guy.") started to pull around the bus I gave him a giant "WTF?" gesture. He rolled down his window and said "The bus didn't have the stop sign out!" It doesn't come out until the door opens and he was pulling around as soon as he saw the break lights. It's all more fodder for my books. KS

LaShaunda said...

Welcome to the blog world Kim.

The other day I was behind a bus that stopped. It hadn't put out its stop sign, but I could see kids getting off. The people behind me are blowing at me, but I refuse to move. The kids have the right of way. A few minutes waiting won't kill you, but you could kill one of them if you don't wait.

Happy Writing!

Kim Stagliano said...

Two minutes until the short bus arrives. I have a carton of eggs by my side. KS

Laura said...

My son rides the short bus, too. People are pretty good about not passing, but when I'm standing out by the road with him, waiting for the bus to come pick him up, often with my two -year-old son with us, I'm amazed by how fast people drive on a two laner with a 35 mph speed limit. I stand as far back from the street as I can. I'm tempted to get a hairdryer out one day and pretend it's a radar gun.