Saturday, September 30, 2006

NEW RULE. (Thank you Bill Maher.)

No rejections are to appear in the mailbox of an aspiring writer over the weekend. Monday - Friday? Fair game. Saturday? Giant buzz killer. Today's tidy little pre-printed card from a NY agent reads: "I have reviewed your material and it is not anything I wish to work with at this time." Alrighty then.



Manic Mom said...

Kim. It's great that you are getting so many rejections; really, it is. Because this means you have started the official journey toward publication.

I challenge anyone to tell me of a writer who received NO rejections before becoming a published author.

(I'm sure I could google to find out, but I'm lazy today.)

phyllis towzey said...

Hi Kim -- sorry about the "R" -- just keep getting that manuscript out there!

Alyson Noel said...

Hey Kim-
Whatever you do, don't toss your rejections, because someday they will become no more than a list of people you can say HA! to- which is strangely satisfying- trust me on this!

Anyway, I'm loving your blog, and urge you to not give up!


Swishy said...

OK, seriously, I don't even think the postcards count as rejections. I'm being serious. Because they probably didn't even read what you sent them--they're just not taking on a ton of new clients. So chin up and keep sending out!

Ben Lloyd said...

Hi Kim -

It'll happen in an unusual way when you don't see it coming. In the meantime, enjoy the writing.



PS: my blog at Mostly actor stuff, but if you're ever bored at your computer . . .

Kim Stagliano said...

Hi, Ben! I'll be right over to your blog! And Swishy (love your blog, btw) is that like my rule where broken donuts have no calories? Boy, I drop that Dunkin Donuts box every time!



Ceridwen said...

I know exactly who that was - got one from him myself. Keep up the submissions.

Kim Stagliano said...

Did you? Sorry to hear it. Were the initials make you go EEk?


Ceridwen said...

Yup, I sure did EEk! You're too funny. :)