Friday, September 29, 2006

Submitting to Miss Snark.

You're standing on the high dive. Your friends have all jumped before you. So, do you climb back down the ladder, run to the snack shack and devour a frozen Charleston Chew (crack it!) or do you walk to the edge, give a small "boing" and just get it over with and jump? Today I jumped.

In the writing world there's a "mystery agent" known as Miss Snark. She eviscerates writers' queries upon command. Today she had some info that I found really helpful. So I responded, on her blog with my own name. No more anonymous climbing back down the ladder.


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Jane said...

Hi, Kim! I'm glad you used your name there because that's how I'm here now.

I responded to your comment there as "anonymous," btw, because I'm chicken. :-) If it eventually gets put up, I'm the one who suggested writing a humorous query letter for the humorous novel.

If you want, I'd be willing to take a look at your query and maybe go over ways to convey the humor of your novel in your letter. Because as you say, it's impossible to convey humor in a synopsis of 50 words or thereabouts, so your best bet is to show 'em you're funny right off the bat. :-) I'm at if you want to email me.