Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Have you ever seen "Foamy the Squirrel" at I often turn to Foamy for comic relief when the going gets absurd here.

Or when one of my query SASE's turns up in my mailbox. I now hate the sight of my own handwriting as much as Sr. Lourdette did back in my grade school penmanship classes. I might have to figure out how to get my computer to print the damn envelopes for me to soften the "blow of the NO" from agents.

Head on over to Illwillpress, Click on "toons" and check out "Coffee House Propaganda" and "Small Medium Large" to start. Especially funny if you're part of that "Dunkin Donuts versus Starbucks" universe. Best line ever uttered by a squirrel? "I hope you choke on a biscotti."


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Trish Ryan said...

One of my best friends is in HR for Starbucks, while my husband is devoted to the pink & orange styrofoam cups at D&D...funny stuff, although I never considered it from a squirrel's perspective...

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