Thursday, September 28, 2006

Homophoning it in?

Has this ever happened to you? Lately I can't use homophones correctly. My mind is blanking out. I'll write, "He lost his site when the stick hit his eye." Or did you brake your arm? Even the word write has become a problem, as I found myself writing "wright" which of course, is wrong. Brain overload? Quick neural-blip? Scary, since I'm trying to write for a living and spellcheck has abandoned me on this one. KS


TJBrown said...

I do that once in a while. I'll write too for to or there for their. WHo knows...maybe it comes fro working with words all day!

Diane said...

I find that I substitute my words when I'm typing fast. Some very strange words can come out during Nanowrimo, they add an alternative meaning to the sentence.

Eric said...

Just came over from Miss Snark. I think your book sounds interesting. Why don't you post an excerpt?

All the best,