Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Yummy Water Ice!
Oooh! Ice Cream!

Mmmm. Icy cocktails!

Miracle on Ice!

Nice ice!

ICE. No school.


Diane Yellis said...

Ouch. And Mark's in Atlanta, isn't he? Good luck, Kim.

Kim Stagliano said...

Good morning! Yes he is. I hope he's still snug in bed. We wake up WAY to early here. 4:37 for Bella and I just knew there'd be no school. Monday? We had to wake her at 7am for school. Wretched devil children, all three of them! Must make coffee now. Haven't forgotten Facebook, but, ah, not today!

pixiemama said...

Wretched ice.
No school here, either.
Am considering sliding my a** down to Starbucks for a large cup of relieve.

Petra said...

You have my sympathy and empathy... I narrowly espaced an ice day, as the icy rain started SECONDS AFTER the school bus cleared the street...(which means that early dismissal is a possibility...)

I hear you on the perversity of our childrens' sleep patterns. My Potatey is like your Bella. Weekend? Up at an ungodly hour, rearing to go (with an 'I SHALL wake up the whole d$mn house' attitude to match).
Monday mornings? A cannon shot fired next to his bed would not wake him up...

Hang in there..

Amy said...

We almost had an ice day Monday, but since it was 80 on Saturday, the ground was like an oven. I don't mind a bad weather day, but not after 2 weeks of Christmas, and there best be some snow involved. Ice just paralyzes the south.

Will you friend me on Facebook? :)

Kim Stagliano said...

The next person to say FACEBOOK to me will get my three kids and a gallon of milk and Wheaties to feed them for a month. Hear me??????

K Fuller said...

I only want the Ice Cream and the Diamonds.
What are all of you complaining about? 2 weeks??? Our school district gave our kids 3! yes... THREE WEEKS! this year. I love, love, love, him, but he is bored, bored, bored.
I can't listen to another minute of dixieland music or player piano music from youtube or I will make the front page of every newspaper.

Anonymous said...


Hope you are surviving the ice day.....

I am a follower of your blog from TX. I only have 2 of 3 girls affected by autism, so I humbly proclaim you to know a HECK of a lot more than me. I just wanted your opinion on the Jett Travolta tragedy. I see his pictures, hear about his lack of eye contact, lack of speech, seizures, and think to myself this boy had autism. Am I insane to even think that????

Wishing you 70 degree days and a sleeping Bella.

Kathy C. in TX

Diane Yellis said...

I promise not to use the F(B) word again for a while! (At least until the end of the month....) Your girls are welcome, but please - no milk, no wheaties!

My kids slept til 9:30 every day of vacation. Then Sunday, 8 AM my son shows up next to my bed fully dressed and says, "Mommy, did you forget that there's school today?"

Thankfully, Monday went relatively smoothly even though the new supplement regimen is taking an extra 30 minutes in the morning. The last two days she's been home sick...her first "non-autism" fever in two years! Yeah! She's getting sick like a regular kid!

Angela Warner said...

Where's the Italian Ice??? :D We have some - want me to send ya one - it would probably stay frozen during the mailing!

I hear ya... we got another 3 inches here Sunday night and I was terrified that the kids wouldn't have school Monday. Fortunately it changed to rain and melted the snow. I love my kids, but yes out the door... a month of vacation in the winter is the perfect making for insanity - even with the Wii LOL :D

word ver - divin - I either need to divin to the shower (yes it's been one of those days), or divin to that pile of laundry STILL on my table... Or it could mean DEVINE like the NICE Ice. What girl doesn't like diamonds?

Grace Wallis said...

Hi Kim,
Ooh am happy to see you were able to make a blog note. I was worried you wouldn't be able to. Here on the coast we had two hour delay which is actually a good thing as I am not used to getting back up early, what a drag. I am thrilled school vacation is over but hate the AM rush routine. Today I was able to watch GMA, Kelly and Regis and the first 15 min of the view instead of rushing "Harry" and myself through breakfast and out the door.

Kim Stagliano said...

Water ice is Philly Italian ice. Rita's Water Ice's are everywhere. We had Annies Water Ice at the end of our neighborhood. GOOD STUFF. It's not slush - no no! It's not as hard as Italian ice. And you mix it with soft serve ice cream. Mmmmm, water ice!

Anonymous said...

Us too. I woke up yesterday when the blast voice mail came to tell us there was delay. It always scares the hell out of me. Phone call at 6am means someone died, someone is about to die or school is canceled or delayed.

BTW, re: facebook - it's totally bizarre. It starts out innocently enough. A cute way to stay in touch with friends. Then in a week, your ex-boyfriend, ONS or long lost frienemy will be asking you to be their friend.

Gail C.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Grr. No fair first week back from break!

Kim Stagliano said...

I could hear the maniacal laugh of the teachers! Just wait until JUNE when the kids have 2 or 3 or 4 extra days - my pool will be open. My pool boy will have returned from Haiti where he was visiting his sick grandma (that's what he told me anyway) and I'll have the last laugh!