Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Is your laundry clothesline fresh? Mine is!

Ladies and gentlemen, housework scofflaws, mega-maids, Alice's of America, I have to tell you that my laundry is now clothesline fresh. Are you jealous? Are you imagining me hanging out laundry for five in my backyard? Apron around my waist, curlers in my hair (as if it needs more curl) and a pair of cropped Laura Petrie pants on my currently fat ass? (Christmas, waaaay too many treats.)

I'll share my secret to the crisply fresh air scented laundry now gracing my children's closets, beds and linen shelves. You ready? Forget to fold the laundry for two days.

Yes, that's the secret. You see, the dryer has a hose that goes outside. In the winter that cold air seeps into the dryer while you are drinking coffee, blogging, or otherwise ignoring housework. When you finally open the dryer door, like Geraldo opening whatshisname's treasure chest, you will be rewarded with crisp, airy (albeit horribly wrinkled) clothing.

Next housework lesson? How ants can do the floor cleaning for you. Stayed tuned!


Grace Wallis said...


Grace Wallis said...

I have seen you in person and you could never be considered fat. Your girls our gorgeous.
Looking forward to your next housework lesson!
Yea, second day of back to school.
but still have to get christmas stuff taken down.
I really dont want to. I like my christmas decorations.
Thanks for sharing yours!

Kim Stagliano said...

Hello, Grace. I'm sad taking down my decorations too! My girls ARE gorgeous. My ass is not fat by pachyderm standards, but I'm rather hard on myself. And I can not afford new clothes! :)

K Fuller said...

No! No! No! ANTS! The floor is why we have a Dachshund...otherwise known as *The "Hoover" Hound*
If it's on the floor it's food,he can always throw it up later.
No!No!No! ANTS!!!(sorry huge ant issues)
Another housekeeping lesson is to surround the room with OT equipment. All visitors are so freaked out and confused they don't notice the dust!

Holly Kennedy said...

You kill me, Kim.
Never again shall I fold clothes when the buzzer goes off on that damned dryer!

Kim Stagliano said...

Holly, it's PERFECT for you! That Cold Canadian air! You'll be the Donna Reed of your neighborhood in no time. How's the trash can full of ideas??

Grace Wallis said...

K, I the ot point. We have squishy balls and such all over they dont seem to make it back to the basket.
The Buzzer! O my goodness someone uses that. I find it very annoying if the kids turn that switch wakes me up in the middle of the night. One good thing about winter is my basement is no longer to damp to leave stuff in over nite!

Petra said...


Kim - you are a genius (but you already knew that).

K - I just sprayed cofee all over my keyboard. The Hoover Hound!!!!! LOL (I had a Hoover Feline at one point.. and do I hear you on the throwing it up later part). I second the OT equipment thing. Think multiple large doggy beds for crashpads, squishy balls, fidget toys, chewy toys, all over the living room (and we don't even HAVE a dog). Yes, everybody is so busy wondering what the H E L L they walked into that they don't notice the mess!!

Wanna hear my trick for dealing with totally disgusting, tooth paste caked-on tooth brushes (we're still very much working on teeth brusing skills here)? STick 'em in the dish washer. They come out clean as can be (and sterilized too, which is a good thing as you do NOT want to know what happens here with tooth brushes..)

And Kim, stop complaining about being fat. You're what, a size 2'????

Angela Warner said...

OMG! I do that all the time. 2 sometimes 3 days of leaving it in the dryer. It gets pretty cold in there.

Of course last night while I was doing my salute to my dad the buzzer went off. Needing a break from writing and crying I decided to fold the load. I had it neatly folded on the dining room table. I decided I could continue writing and little Samantha snuck into the kitchen and unbeknownst to me that little stinker tossed it all around (headphones can be a glorious thing). It is still in a heap on the table... back into the dryer it all goes when my fingers get done talking. Hopefully I'll manage to get it folded because there is a load of the boys jeans in the washer from last night that need to be dried :) and folded sometime in the next two days :D Winter gives the washer a bonus too... I can leave a load in the washer for 24 hours before I question whether it needs to be re-washed.

Oh yeh... quit being hard on yourself. Your ass is not fat by any standards so get over it :D

Jenn said...

ummm what are you doing in my dryer? mmm I think there is stuff in there from last week.