Sunday, January 11, 2009

Chicken soupThe Onion on "Deal to Heal."

Don't you just love The Onion? Check out this article on the newest version of "Deal to Heal" as I call the pharma/medical complex. Thanks to Deb from one of my autism lists for the heads up! Rest and fluids? We autism parents don't get much rest. But fluids? Where's my Venti coffee?

WASHINGTON—A two-year investigation conducted in five major cities has exposed a widespread campaign by the formidable Rest and Fluids industry to infiltrate thousands of doctors' offices and dictate how they treat minor illnesses.

The investigation—the full details of which will be disclosed in this newspaper over the coming months—documented thousands of instances in which sick patients were repeatedly instructed, often verbatim, to "lie down and drink plenty of liquids." This treatment, recommended a staggering 4 out of 5 times on average, was in each case prescribed by a physician known to have recently enjoyed a golf vacation courtesy of Big Rest and Fluids.

"You have no idea how deep this goes," said Dr. X, a physician who wished to remain anonymous. "They've got everyone, from the pediatricians and family doctors, right on down to the school nurses. We've had the cure for the common cold for nearly 40 years, but it's still 'rest and fluids, rest and fluids.' Why? Because these guys are getting paid through the nose, that's why."

Read the entire piece HERE.


Leeann said...

Ah, Kim, I love The Onion. Did you see the news video about the new MacBook with only a wheel, no keyboard? I'm a Mac lover, and it had me laughing my apple right off!

Kim Stagliano said...

Leeann, am I establishing a theme? Onion goggles. The onion??

Anonymous said...

Onion goggles as is "rose-colored glasses", only onion goggles would be more bizarro-world view? (Seinfeld reference). Fits our world, and I like it.

Making our kids healthy through doing healthy things is criticized as "alternative", "experimental", etc. If you think it's not working, you're wearing onion-goggles.
Signs of mercury poisoning is not really mercury poisoning because of faulty logic? Take off your onion-goggles.

Hey, Kim, any chance there could be a super group out there? Biomed communities for autism, MS, CFS, rheumatoid arthritis, etc, banding together to get the view of medicine changed from pharma-based to health-based. If such a group already exists, I'm interested in joining a bigger army to support the movement.

Deb in IL

RJeff said...

The Onion ROCKS!