Monday, January 05, 2009

Waterford Wedgewood: BANKRUPT

When was the last time you bought fine crystal? If you're a newlywed or engaged to be married, did you register for fine China and/or Crystal? Waterford Wedgewood just filed for bankruptcy. Meet the new year? Same as the old year? NO NO NO!!!
2009 is going to bring happiness, success, contentment and joy to us all. Dammit.


Amanda said...

"Experts" here are forecasting another 15 high street names will bite the dust before the end of the month.

Jenn said...

Actually, because of all these big names going belly up I am adding to my Mikasa and Oneida Juilliard collections...just in case they end up on the list too and my collections get hard to find and/or more pricey!

Kim Stagliano said...

Jenn, or they'll be dirt cheap! It's sad. I don't want to see all our nice things go away. Should we all eat of Dixie plates for crying out loud. Come ON young wives - set a proper table!!!!

Amy said...

Joe and I got married in 1995. I got a full set of china (which I use at every holiday and dinner party), but no crystal. I registered for Waterford, but got none. That year, my mom started a collection of the "12 Days of Christmas" ornaments from Waterford and got us one every year for our anniversary. We got the last one last year. As I was putting them up Sunday, I thought "I bet they are bankrupt soon - glad we finished the collection first!" Maybe I should go into economics! ha! Lucky guess. It does make for a lovely tree - but perhaps a little Charlie Brown-ish now as it's filled with Waterford and Lenox ornaments. Memories of Christmas past?

I do wish I had the millennium champagne flute collection. So pretty.