Thursday, January 15, 2009

Miracle on The Hudson

Witness this miracle on the Hudson River as a US Airlines plane belly lands after a bird (maybe??) destroyed an engine. The commuter ferries sprung into action. No fatalities. What a pilot!! What a crew!! What brave and sturdy passengers.


Diane Yellis said...

And people on one of the ferries that came to the passangers' rescue were giving them their coats and holding them to keep them warm.

Don't tell me this town ain't got no heart. (I took that from one of my faves, Jerry Garcia. :-) )

Michelle O'Neil said...

Wow! Awesome.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

I am amazed and really after the news of Jett Travolta and then Travis' house burning down, the sucky economy, etc, etc, this is just a very great miracle. I feel restored.

I read that the pilot went up and down the sinking plane's aisle twice to check for passengers before he exited the plane. What a hero!

Amanda said...

A hero indeed. Over here some are saying he shouldn't be hailed as such seeing as he was just doing his job (!!) Well, I for one was very glad he was doing it so well. Bankers of the world watch and learn

Anonymous said...

My father, a retired AF Fighter Pilot, had this to say:

It was a remarkable feat of airmanship -- not only the execution of putting a 150,000 pound glider down in water gently enough that it didn't cartwheel and/or come apart, but that he also knew when he hit the birds that he might be able to make Newark or Teterboro, to head that way, and to aim the airplane right down the Hudson, the only unobstructed piece of the Planet within 50 miles.

The other three miracles are, in order: a competent cabin crew (not all that common); passengers who didn't trample each other fighting for the exits (truly remarkable in our day and age and probably attributable in part to the aforementioned cabin crew); and absolutely outstanding emergency response by the NYC emergency folks. When asked about that
last item during an interview last night ("How were you able to get such rapid response?"), a first responder replied, "Well, we've kinda been working on that ever since 9/11 -- every day!"

jess said...

i was watching that unfold yesterday with my heart in my mouth .. i am thrilled beyond thrilled that those peole made it our safely .. the pilot is by any and every definition a trued hero

Holly Kennedy said...

I watched this with amazement.
Such good stuff!

RJeff said...

I heard a humorous story about this incident:

Apparently, as people were debarking the ruined aircraft, an older woman was insisting on bringing her suitcase through the aisleway. Slowly she made her way to the exit (with many individuals behind, naturally) whereby she was helped out onto the wing and into a lifeboat. When she asked for her bag, an exasperated passenger heaved it into the Hudson.

I have no idea if this is true, but it made me smile anyway.

Kim Stagliano said...

RJeff, I agree! Unless she had the Holy Grail in there, F it!

How about the baby being tossed to safety?

Hard to imagine. And a proper ray of hope this week as Obama takes office. More on that if I could EVER peel my children off my legs!!!!

Anonymous said...

ribbles are evil!