Saturday, October 11, 2008

Two Autism Books on NYT List! Jenny McCarthy's Mother Warriors and John Robison's Look Me In The Eye.

Wow! I was reading the NYT book review, looking for Jenny McCarthy's Mother Warriors (which is #8 in non-fiction) when I saw that John Robison's paperback of Look Me In The Eye is #11 in non-fic paperback! Congrats to both!

Have you bought your copies? Both are excellent books to give to friends, teachers, family members, doctors. You can buy Jenny's book HERE (and support a really good group of people helping kids with autism.) And John's book HERE.


Michelle O'Neil said...

Hurray for both authors! Brave and good people. Both of them.

Kim Stagliano said...

Isn't it wonderful, Michelle? It can only help our kids to have more understanding and knowledge. Another exiting Sat night in Cleveburg I see? Same here. I'm told NYC is right down the road. I might as well be on the prairie of East nowhere Kansas! LOL! (I'm sure East Nowhere Kansas is nice, though.)

JC said...

I read Jenny's book last week and loved it. It was heartbreaking, yet full of hope. I am not a parent to a child on the spectrum (but a mom to a 4 and 2 year old), but my job lends itself to working with ASD kids daily. Good job, Jenny!! I watch my two year old boy like a hawk, and I don't think I would hesitate to go the biomedical route should he ever be diagnosed. Jenny's book was reassuring, without giving false hope.

I am half way through John's book and I find it darkly humerous and absolutely fascinating. I love being in his mind.

Yes, another exciting night in SoCal, too. LOL! Husband's out of town, which means once the kids are asleep, I can read as long as I want without disturbing anyone. Yea! Sad - I crave quiet time more than I do social time. I think I am getting old! :)