Thursday, October 23, 2008

Trader Joe's, Do You take Me for One of THESE?

No, not a country singer. I have neither the boobs nor the voice to be a country singer. I do have the potential for the hair though. Trader Joe's gave me a nasty shock at 5:47 am as I prepared breakfast. Their GFCF waffles now have just SIX waffles per box. The price is the same. But instead of 8 there are 6 waffles. I'd rather pay 25% more for the waffles than have to pack more boxes into my freezer. I am not happy. Remember when a pound of coffee became 13 ounces? It's bullshit.

Also, it looks to me like VAN's is now making their GF waffles - they have added SOY PROTEIN, which is the reason I stopped buying Van's. So now I will have to stop buying 15 boxes of Trader Joe's GF waffles too. DAMN! Screw it, we'll eat Coconut Ice Cream for breakfast.

Trader Joe's I am not happy with you. That said, are your new rice krispie bars GF per chance? If so, I'll love you again. It's $1.50 less per box than Enviro-Kids.

(PS) That's Patsy Cline. Get it? A "patsy?"


Michelle O'Neil said...

Bryers Ice Cream is doing this too. The containers are now "not quite a half gallon."

Lousy frickers.

Jeanne said...

See... this is why I make my waffles.


Kim Stagliano said...

I'm going to have to start - looks like TJ's is using VAN'S now and they have soy protein. Time for a new breakfast. But Jeanne, I use 4 waffles a day, EVERY day for breakfast. I buy 10 boxes at a time - 80 waffles. That will take me forever!

Robin said...

TJ's Rice Krispie bars are GF and really good. Their Kettle Korn is the best I have found too. Have you tried the Gluten free chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream by SO Delicious? Yummy. Now if someone else could make Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets just a bit cheaper.

Laura said...

I haven't been to TJ's in a long time! The PCC natural market is closer, but more expensive (though cheaper than Whole Foods, which is even further away!). We're cereal eaters around here, and when we eat waffles, instead of Van's, which we used to get, Hutton has Lifestream waffles, but I think those may have CC issues, and have no idea how much they cost (thankfully, I only really worry about Hutton's diet -- Harrison has some food allergies, but since they don't cause bad behaviors, he gets the "whatever, a little gluten won't kill you!" attitude from Mommy.) Hutton already eats like a 200 pound field hand, so I don't think I could afford to feed three of him!

Harrison and I recently started eating cow's milk yogurt again, and I bought Hutton some ricera yogurt to try, as I haven't seen the Turtle Mtn., but that sounds better than rice yogurt to me!

I'm off to try to find a pumpkin pie recipe I can make that Hutton can eat. Harrison is insisting on pumpkin pie since we have all of these pumpkins sitting around. Doesn't he realize those are just for decoration? I've only eaten pumpkin seeds straight from the gourd. I've never in my life tried to make a pie that didn't use the canned stuff. Fun learning experience, right?

Cloudia said...

You have my shared ARGHHHH with all of this down-sizing quality of life. Good thing we remember what really counts, eh? (As Mr. 'Wiggle Ears' wrote so well today;-)
If it makes you feel any better, food prices here in Honolulu would knock your socks off!!!!
Cheers and Aloha from Waikiki

Kim Stagliano said...

The last boxes I bought are definitely VAn's in TJ's packaging. I found one box of the 8 pack in my freezer. The ingredients are different. Van's adds soy protein. And they are fatter and shaped a bit smoother than the other Trader Joe's GF waffles. I hope this is a blip. I was told there was a fire in the NE warehouse and waffles had to come from California. Maybe they use Van's on the West coast?

Anonymous said...

Kim, what does GFCF stand for?


hellokittiemama said...

Ready for a chuckle?

Alex eats hello kitty shaped waffles for breakfast a couple times a week. My husband got me the waffle maker one christmas and its surprisingly lasted for being a 'novelty' type appliance. The kids LOVE the waffles it makes because they are small (and cute).

And yeah, I'm all for making my own. I do cheat and use a gfcf mix though.

And when I make extra I just freeze them, and they re-heat fine in the toaster-oven.

Kim Stagliano said...

Hi, Jane. Gluten Free (the protein found in wheat, rye, barley and some say oats) and casein free (the protein found in milk. Thanks for asking! Or was that a quiz? ;)

Jeanne said...

Yep, it takes some time. When I make waffles, I make a ton. But, it is what it is. You just put on some good music and get in the waffle zone man. Plus, you can multitask while the waffles are cooking.