Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Rainy Days Are Here

Trade pubs announce Linens n Things is closing its doors. Gone. Who's next?


Anonymous said...

My vote:
Bed, Bath & Beyond
World Market

Laura said...

Yeah, I went to LNT the other day to buy some lovely, er, linens N things at their store closing sale. Really, that's the kind of stuff you don't really "need" though, especially when the money is tight. I didn't "need" a new window scarf in the dining room we never use, nor did I "need" new throw pillows for the living room couch. I don't "need" to change my rooms out twice a year (cold weather and rain = dark colored slipcover for some reason), but I do. I guess that means we're not doing too badly, considering I had that extra money burning a hole in my purse! Well, sometimes it's nice to have something tangible from your money, other than vitamins and supplements! (Their results are tangible in their own way -- more words.)

OK, who's next? How about those newer midscale clothing stores -- Chicos, White House/Black Market, etc. People who have lots of money to spend on clothes go designer, people who don't will tighten their belts (er, if they have them!) and not buy new clothes, or buy them at cheap places (which is where all of my clothes come from, anyway! Go Target! Old Navy - rock on!)

Kim Stagliano said...

I know Lawrer, there's a Chicos/BlackHouseWhiteHouse on every corner now. Chicos to me is like the old Lerner shops - clothes for heavy women but Chico's pretends its not reaaaaly for heavy women. It's all caftans and flowy clothes though. No can likey. And it's expensive. I'd rather shop at a boutique, spend a bit of money on good quality (for my grown up clothes that is.) I'm wearing a Target Tshirt and a sweater I bought for $80 5 years ago and still wear all the time. And Levis from ebay.... And my Uggs! THEY'RE BACK! I love my Uggs. I will not take them off until May. I might spring for a brown pair. That's $100 well spent. They are my favorite footwear for every day.

BBB should do OK, Jeanne. World Market? Don't know. Haven't stepped foot in one in years. It's like a cheap Pier 1 with food too, right?