Thursday, October 02, 2008

Katie Couric Again

Gov. Palin can't name a single Supreme Court Ruling. Except the one the reporter asked her about. Roe v. Wade. Can't name a single Supreme Court Ruling. Not even Bush v. Gore!!!

Meanwhile, don't ask me why.... Last night I had a dream I was applying Sarah Palin's makeup before the debate. No, I did not stab her in the eye with the mascara wand. She's a very pretty woman. I kept her that way. Why was I applying her makeup in my dream??


Jeanne said...

Perhaps it has something to do with WHY any woman wears makeup... to accentuate the positive and COVER UP the negative. Maybe you wanted to make sure she didn't cover up too much - you wanted to make sure people saw the "real" her...??

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing Sarah may have had to check with her "handlers" regarding what the outcome was of the Bush vs. Gore "thing." She could have told Katie, "I'll back to ya' about that."

Anonymous said...

I'd guess that because makeup is superficial, you wanted to do an expert job of it on Palin. Thereby, presenting her as the ultimate in superficiality.

So,in "covering" her in makeup, you're "exposing" her for what you believe she really is.

Ya think?


Anonymous said...

Not sure about the meaning of your dream, but I am sure that Sarah must be dreaming when she continually makes these claims.

Whenever Russia near US airspace, Sarah Palin's phone does not ring, despite her claims.

NORAD has slammed GOP VP Candidate Sarah Palin's claim to CBS' Katie Couric that she has command authority over US space guardians.

Spokesman for the North American Aerospace Defense Command, Air Force Maj. Allen Herritage told the NY Daily News. "She doesn't have any role in that process."

"The authority to launch and respond to a Russian incursion lies with the Alaska NORAD Region commander" solely.

Moscow's bombers have skirted Alaskan airspace 20 times but have not violated it during Palin's tenure.

And when interceptors scramble from Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage, Sarah Palin is not speed-dialed.

"The commander does not call the governor," Major Herritage clarified.

Aimless Writer said...

Perhaps you were trying to cover the ugly in her beliefs?

Kim Stagliano said...

I wish I knew! I just see myself holding an eye pencil near her face in the dream. Last week I dreamt I kissed a handsome brown haired man on a road near the beach. Twasn't Marky Mark. I wasn't supposed to kiss him, but I just DID, exactly at the same time he kissed me and then I was pissed I'd jumped first. Even my good dreams have agita in them! LOL! I don't know who he was, I can't remember the face. I hope it was Don Draper from Mad Men though. Yum.