Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I'm full. But I'm starving. I want cake. I have no cake.


~Miss Nelson said...

You have to go and get some cake. The other day I had a huge craving for ice cream and I had to get it. I had no choice!

Kim Stagliano said...

I'm too lazy to go out for cake. And I could have bought cake today at Porricelli's. I passed on the cake. And the giant whoopie pies from Maine that I love. Stupid things are TWO servings and over 750 calories total. Make the damn things smaller! What? I'm supposed to open the wrapper, eat HALF and put the rest away? Not likely. So while I wanted cake. I could have bought cake. I don't really need need need cake. But I still want cake. I had cocoa instead. Feh.

M said...

Now I want cake! Your devious cakery is contagious.

Mmm. I want to miniaturize myself and dive into the chocolate cake you've provided a picture of. I could just fall backwards into it, sink to the bottom, eat my way out.

Wait. I'm taking this too far. Must...fight...cake...impulse.

Amanda said...

Kim loves to has cake recipe from Highlands....make cake by hand and you've already earned a piece!!

Now I'm going to have to carry on where diner out last night left off and have cake with my coffee. I hope you're feeling responsible, because if I can't fit into the dress for the wedding in two weeks it's all your fault.