Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Good Lord. This is an ad for a revival event in California to protest Gay Marriage.

To Keep my Blog from Leaning too far to the (religious) Right, there's also THIS video. You get decide which video is the joke, OK?

Some of the most important men in my life are gay men. Including my brother Rich and his partner of 17+ years; my girls' Uncle Ed. They are generous, loving, hard working, tax paying, law abiding citizens. Kind of just like you and me and every other decent person you know. Some of the biggest advocates for my children are gay men. I can not abide by an entire section of a religion praying against them. You are entitled to your religion. Use it for GOOD - Use it to HELP people. Don't use it to tear other people apart. Please. If a loving gay couple wants to get married that in no way influences my marriage. Does every Church have to marry gay couples. No. So what's the problem.


Cloudia said...

Well said, KIM!
Aloha from Waikiki

Michelle O'Neil said...

Great post Kim! I wonder if they are going to be praying at the revivial for the 10% of the animal kingdom that is attracted to the same sex? Is there a program for them?

I love that you are of the Catholic/Christian persuasion but can still look at the absurdity of discrimination in the name of God.

Kim Stagliano said...

Cafeteria Catholic. That's me. The Church may have been started by Christ, but it's been run by garden variety MEN for over 2000 years. If you can't see the hypocrisy of being told to pray for the sanctity of marriage during Mass and then invited to a lecture on annulment after Mass you be blind! Talk about your Harry Potter magic - an annulment means "poof!" the marriage never happened! Like re-growing your hymen. I'm going to hell, aren't I?

Amanda said...

Can the church not rejoice in the fact that two people are committed to one another? Can they not see the benefit of them living well and keeping their lives private, like most of us do? It's a shame that the minority of gay people who shove it in your face outshine the majority that live quiet decent ordinary lives.

Unfortunately I couldn't see the Youtube pieces due to living in the back end of nowhere and not having proper broadband

Grace Wallis said...

Ok when I saw the first video I thought that had to be the joke because it is being held in California not TX. Then I watched the second video and laughed my but off. Frankly as a spiritual person who has chose christianity (led by parents!) as my way to know God I am offended by this attitude that should be considered sacriligios. Definately NOT what Jesus would do. I attend a First Congregational Church. In the bulletin it says this:
"Always remember, no matter who you are, or where You are on life's journey, you are welcome her.
As an Open and Affirming congregation, we extend the extravagant welcome of God to all, regardless of race, class, ancestry, gender, marital, status, ability or sexual orientation. We believe that God is still speaking... and pray that God may find us ready hearers and doers of the Word."
And even more unbelievabe they mean it. There are children with obvious chronic nuerological disorders in sight! The Education Director finds a shepherd if a child with special abilities needs support to be included. They are remodeling and have a goal to make an old church more accessible. They offer meeting and library space to NAMI where I attend support group meetings and Family to Family Classes. The Pastors/Christian Ed. Director children's choir director, sunday school teachers and congregation have reached out and accepted my son's with special needs. The Pastor has even gone to visit my younger son at hospital Psych units and sub-a-cutes. This is what a community of worship should be.
Well maybe not everybody would feel welcome there. Lets face it, it is not the place for people who think children w/ADHD, ASD, or other nuerological disorders ie: bi-polar are brats with lazy parents or those that hate gays! What was that guys name, Kim? His career must be over I cant think of the name. Like that actor from Gray's Anatomy:)

RJeff said...

So, Kim, I hadn't heard - maybe I missed it on FOX News - but tell me, was there a Rapture at QualComm Stadium? Because the world could use a few less televangelists.