Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Remember THIS Beautiful Kid? Double mastectomy at age 36. God bless her. Pay attention to your breasts. Big, small, hardly there at all, pay attention.


Cyndi said...

What a shame...but better to have no boobs than die from cancer! I'm glad she caught it early.

PS LOVE the U2 video!!!

Petra said...

Did she actually have breast cancer? Or did she do a *pre emptive* strike because of her genetic susceptibility and her mom's history?

Regardless, she's a gutsy lady. And I wish her the very best..

(and to add on to what Kim said.. pay attention to other body parts too.. we all have that inate instinct that tells us when something's wrong.. LISTEN TO IT!!)

Laura said...

After reading about Christina earlier this week, I thought, "Crap! When was the last time I felt myself up?" I started poking and prodding immediately. Fortunately, they're much smaller and flatter now that I've birthed and breastfed my kids, so I think anything would be easier to feel without all the good-looking fatty tissue. Then again, I really do need to go for a check-up, and have a "real" doctor feel me up, do the ole pap smear (darn, wish I could get that great Gardasil shot to "protect" myself! NOT!!!), etc.