Sunday, August 10, 2008

It Chick Clothes for Plus Size Girls Wii Contest!

Do you write for the Tween audience? Check out this contest and tell your readers about it! It Chick Clothes are for plus sized pre-teen girls. Every girl should feel like a million bucks on the first day of school. That means having clothes that fit, feel good and are stylish. Finding a snazzy wardrobe isn't always easy for a plus-sized child. And I can only imagine what Mom goes through trying to shop for her daughter. Here's a solution and a fun contest to boot!
From the It Chick site:

We agree with Abe Lincoln and our Founding Fathers that all men are created equal. In honor of summer and independence day, we offer this: all girls are not created equal. Especially young tween girls! So let's stop pretending that every pre-teen young girl is the same size and start shopping for some adorable, popular plus size styles. We design our plus size fashions recognizing the individuality of each girl who wears them.

It Chick Clothes has launched a photo essay contest! We're giving away a Wii Fit game to the girl who submits the best picture that describes what it's like being a tween girl in America. Find out more information
here. As part of this contest, we're giving away 10% of our back to school sales (sales in the months of August and September) to Girls Inc., a national nonprofit dedicated to inspiring all girls to be stong, smart and bold. So enter the contest and shop ! Click HERE to enter.


Amanda said...

Funny enough, my friends daughter wanted to become a fashion designer and specialize in plus-size kids clothes - I will email her your blog.

Jess said...

Hmmm...interesting. Certainly a nice deviation from the tween-sized belly-shirts with "Daddy's girl" and "slut in training" on them.

Kim Stagliano said...

Yes. I have a niece who is plus sized. It ain't easy. I'm happy to spread this info about appropriate clothes and a cool contest.

I not commenting (much) on why children are so heavy on this post. I'm, a big believe that it's the food Mom puts in the cabinets first and foremost and that's as far as I'll go for now.

If a child is overweight - I at least don't want to see him or her destroyed in school by other kids. I was rotten to a chubby kid in grade school. And I mean rotten - my mother could have named me "Heather." It sticks with me. Of course, her mother packed sardine sandwiches in greasy bottomed paper lunch sacks, and that didn't help the kid's cause.... There, you've learned something about me, I have more than a touch of "Heather" in me.


Petra said...

"I'm, a big believe that it's the food Mom puts in the cabinets first and foremost"
Yup, and as an extension of that, what mom puts in the lunchboxes (or not).

That being said, there is a certain age (not just for girls, boys too) that the weight just 'flies on', regardless of what mom does or does not put in the cabinets or lunchboxes. It's tough when the hormones start kicking in, but that height growth spurt hasn't started yet. I see that in Salamander, who has gotten a bit chubby over the past several months, while neither his diet or the amount of food he consumes nor his activity levels have changed (and this is a kid who was severely UNDERWEIGHT for most of his life). Of course I'm keeping an eye on things, as he certainly does NOT need to get picked on because of weight issues (we have enough to content with, thank you very much).

As with anything, parents need to pay attention...

Kim Stagliano said...

You're right, Petra. Gianna's 3rd grade photo is of a chubby kid. Mark was really concerned. I told him the weight would fall off when she hit puberty. It did. She went from a size almost 14 to a 10. Now 3 years later, she's a 12/14 with a darling figure.

But a kid who is fat at 3,4,5,6,7,8 etc. isn't a pre-puberty
"chubby" kid - that's a problem that requires lifestyle changes for the entire family.

Amanda said...

Now you see I was starting to write a few thoughts on why is the kid chubby in the first place and then I thought well, kids can be chubby for al sorts of reasons and mum being a lard arse with no nutritional knowledge is only one possibility of many. I decided to keep my thoughts to me but seeing as we're sharing along those lines - there's my 2p.

Michelle O'Neil said...

What a great company! I always admire bigger women who can totally work it and have great fashion sense.