Sunday, August 17, 2008

Call 911? Call The New York Times?

This just in! Two of the three Stagliano children are napping! Napping! Sleeping in their beds in the middle of the day! Are they sick or just as tired of summer as I am?


Petra said...

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy the momentary silence... A BIG SMILE for you too..

Am about to drag my two off to the pool...the only time I get my boyos to nap during the day is when they are deadly ill.. LOL

Michelle O'Neil said...

Hope they woke up happy and refreshed!

Amanda said...

yep, happy and refreshed and ready to party all night if your lucks any like mine!! LOL!!

Krystal aka Mommy K said...

LOL!!! I wonder the same things when just 2 of them actually fall asleep at the same time! LOL

Yesterday hubby told me Princess had fallen asleep - a very very very rare ocassion - I told him to make sure she was still breathing!

I hope you enjoyed your moment of silence! LOL