Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back to School Week? Good Luck!

My girls start school on Thursday. Good luck to you and yours as the 2009 school year begins. Are you nervous? I'm excited for my kids. I think they each have a good year ahead of them. Two in middle school! How did that happen?


Amanda said...

WHOOHOO!!! Good luck to all your girls for the start of school, and good luck to you to use your free time wisely (which should involve a good deal of you time!)

Anonymous said...

Best of luck to your girls. My boys have one more week off and then it's back to some sort of routine. I love them to death, but it will be nice to have some quiet time again!

drama mama said...

You're girls don't need me wishing them luck. They've got you for a mother.

Have a great, wonderful year.

I'm totally on board this year, and pretty danged relaxed.

Laura said...

One more week for us! Hutton goes to school full-time (9-3, M-F) for the first time now that he's going into 1st grade, and I'm nervous! We'll see! Anytime I mention the "s" word, he tells me to "be quiet" and "don't say that!" Yeah, it's going to be fun.