Wednesday, January 02, 2008

$100 a barrel.

Oil prices continue to climb. How are the elderly, those on fixed incomes, those making minumum wage or even $10 - $15 an hour supposed to fill their bellies, their fuel tanks and their cars and have enough money left over to buy anything else?

My God. Health insurance continues to crush families (our deductible went from $900 per family in 2007 to $6,000 in 2008. Yes, $6,000. But then the policy pays 100% instead of 80%. But you still have to spend $6,000 out of pocket to get there.) Education has become unattainable without going into substantial debt.
Did you get a raise this year? A bonus? (Wall Street types are excused from this question as you are probably still busy scanning the Neiman Marcus catalog for gold plated toilet seats.)

If took a new job did the company cover any of your move? I remember when Mark and I moved in 1999 and the company paid every red cent of the move AND added babysitting dollars to help us get childcare to look at houses. His last move a few years ago? $3000 paid with a grudge. When was the last time you attended a company party that featured more than paper cups and a cocktail weenie? (Wait, that was Joe in accounting, nevermind.)

I worry. I really do. Think long and hard in this election year. We're losing our middle class. The backbone of the country. Drowning. I worry.


Anonymous said...

I hear you, I am so very worried too. The families that I work with are already underwater, it gets worse every year. It breaks my heart. Not to mention my own family and our friends. One friend, who worked for his company since he got out of college, just got fired,new owners (he is 41). No health insurance, he is a wreck, so worried about his girls. It is so very frightening. Thank God Election Day is coming, lets hope people make the right choice.

Stephen Parrish said...

Don't you know? God is punishing us for allowing homosexuals to marry. Hooray for candidates like Mike Huckabee who want to "take this nation back for Christ."

Holly Kennedy said...

I feel for you guys.
Consider a move to Canada.
Things aren't picture perfect here, but we do have less health care horrors than you do in the US (although, sadly, they aren't 100% nonexistent) and, on a good note, guns are far more difficult for idiots with grudges/mental health issues to get their hands on -- always a good thing.

Amy said...

Not commenting on this one...

HOWEVER... my friend sent me this blog called Gluten Free Girl. I have not had a chance to really inspect it, but there are lots of recipes on it. I believe her husband is a chef. I'm going to check it out more.

Take care...

Now back to your original programming.

Demon Hunter said...

I work for the state and we haven't gotten a raise nor a bonus. The hierarcy in this country is becoming more disparaging as we speak. Wow---something to consider. I have been watching the candidates like crazy. This year is going to be one of the most important elections ever.

amanda said...

Have you ever thought about a move across the pond? In the UK

Health care - FREE, including prescriptions in Wales and soon Scotland
special needs school - FREE
Speech therapy - FREE
Hand guns - ILLEGAL
Shot guns etc - REALLY HARD TO GET
Perfect? Nope, but a damn site easier on the wallet!

The Anti-Wife said...

I will only worry when you and others stop speaking up and shining your spotlights on the problems. Your voice and that of many others - when heard - can make a difference.

Irene said...

We are so feeling the squeeze, too Kim. You are right. We are losing the middle class and it's not looking like my family would be one to end up in the upper.