Monday, January 21, 2008


Thought this might be appropriate in the waning hours of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. There's talk that black women have to struggle with voting for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama - sex or race? And that black voters who were formerly the bedrock base for the Clinton's are defecting to the Guiliani camp. (Just checking to see if you're awake on that one.)

So....would you vote based on your race/ethnicity or sex given the choice? Would I vote for an Italian/Irish/Venezuelan male candidate (yes, I'm all three) over a Waspy female candidate? If the two were ceteris parabus 100%..... I don't know which lever I'd pull. I don't. Do any of us know before we draw the curtain in that booth?


miss r said...

I hope no one bases their decision on race or sex alone! Most people who would probably stay home on election days least I hope they do.

Stephen Parrish said...

Of course we should vote for who we think will be the best president, but all things being (hypothetically) equal, it's time The White Male American Presidency Club diversified its membership.

confused of scotland said...

I still don't get the American system. Just so long as you don't repeat the error of your ways from the last two elections I expect we'll all be fine.

Kim Stagliano said...

Stephen saw the point: The candidates are equally qualified and you'd be happy no matter which person won.

Did you hear in the debate last night when Obama said (paraphrasing) "This is a unique election. We have an African American, a woman and.... you, John." Meaning the white man. Edwards looked stricken.

In the current election I have no intention of voting BECAUSE of race or sex. I have a lot of personal criteria and I've yet to determine which candidate comes close. So far, it ain't the lady.

Tanya said...

I would not vote for someone because they were a woman or a man. I'm sure a woman could do the job, I'm not so sure the woman running now, would do a great job. In fact, I'm pretty sure she wouldn't.

I would vote for a black man if I thought he was the best choice of all the candidates. I'm not so sure the black man running now is the best choice. He seems like he does a great job for IL as a senator. I wouldn't want to rob the people of Illinois.

I haven't yet decided who I'm voting for, but I do know it will not be based on gender or race or even religion, it will be based on who has the same ides and opinions as I do.

13 said...

"would you vote based given the choice?"

Unfortunately, voting for someone the same sex as myself is never possible. I'm from plant stock, which is to say that I pollinate on windy days. Around the month of May or so I'll just drop my pants and step outside for a bit. Exciting for me...traumatic for the neighbors.

(I will, however, vote for candidates of a similar foliage.)

Tammie said...

I think its funny how some in the media are upset that neither party has a run away winner and I'm thinking but isn't that how it's suppose to be? I love when the media gets all confused :o)

Like stephen, all things being equal I'd probably vote for someone of a different race before Id vote for someone of the same sex. I have no idea why though.

Kim Stagliano said...

I don't know, 13, the incumbent is as dumb as a tree stump, does that count? ;) His predecessor couldn't keep his pistil in his pants. Sometimes I wish they'd all just leaf us alone.

Mind you, I don't mean to impugn your fellow homo foliatus foliatus, mind you.

13 said...

"the incumbent is as dumb as a tree stump"

Definitely. This is why no republican candidates have asked him to go on the stump for them.

"foliatus foliatus"

Isn't this what got Bill into trouble? Half-way impeached? (Surely there is some way we can work in a peach tree joke here, to keep with the foliage theme. My word play matches not that of Stagliano. I'm counting on you with this one...that is, I'm stumped). Whee.

The Anti-Wife said...

If all the candidates were equally qualified and I'd be happy no matter which one won, I'd vote for a woman. Just an honest answer.

Kim Stagliano said...

13, use your "fuzzy" logic. Feeling like a dummy is the pits, isn't it? Makes your face drupe.