Friday, January 11, 2008

What you you doing tomorrow?

Soccer practice? Costco Run? Get out the shoebox full of receipts for tax time? Clean the lint trap in your dryer?

I'm going to see THIS!

Drama Mama, please do not hate me. I imploooooooore you, dahling!


Drama Mama said...

YOU. LOUSY. PIECE.OF.*&$^%$&#*!!!!!!I have been DROOLING over this show as I read tidbits in the trades.

Yeah, I'm pissed. My biscuit's are burning. But Hell, Stagliano, if anyone deserves a good time, it's you. You spend too much time cleaning those damned toilets. I hope it's AWESOME and think of me as you swill your drink at intermission. I toast you from here, my friend.

amanda said...

A week flying solo and you have energy for this? Hope you don't fall asleep!! Have a great time!