Wednesday, June 24, 2009

MB12 revitaPops Are Here!RevitaPops

You've got to check out the revitaPop, methylcobalamin (MB12) in a tasty lollipop.

I tried my first revitaPop at Autism One last month (HERE.) Holy cow! Within seconds I felt a distinct "ping" in my brain and I became more alert, bubbly and energetic. Trust me, if I hadn't felt anything I'd have smiled and walked away from the booth to go find coffee.

Revitapop2 Click HERE to view a quick video of testimonials from Autism One. You'll see familiar faces, including Kimberly Linderman, yours truly and our Contributing Editor Abdulkadir Khalif.

The revitaPop tastes great (I tried Pomegranate) is gluten and casein free and uses no artificial colors or flavors. I was really happy to learn from Dave Dobkin (that's he in the photo), that the folks at revitaPop employ people with developmental disabilities to sort, pack and ship the product. And they support Generation Rescue and the new Rescue Family grant program. revitaPop was created by Stan Kurtz who also invented the MB12 Nasal Spray and is President of Generation Rescue .

There is a patent pending on revitaPOP's novel administration of MB12. Their first shipment sold out in days. Their next shipment arrives this week.

Go to to learn more.


Amanda said...

I wonder if they ship them internationally? Speaking as a mum who couldn't get supplements into her girls for love nor videos nor nothin'....

Michelle O'Neil said...

Wow. "Sweet" idea!

K Fuller said...

I ordered them yesterday! Can't wait!

Roger Kulp said...

I simply don't know about this one way or another.I need more proof, and testimonies from healthy neurotypicals don't impress me.

This is the article I recall seeing about this stuff

"MB12 has been in limited use about four years.Here's what it claims:
Based on videos that Stan has published of trials of MB12, if the person is a MB12 Responder, it also appears to often (and at times dramatically) help with:

* ADHD symptoms
* Memory
* Anxiety
* Chronic fatigue
* Dyslexia
* Depth Perception
* Viewing Color
* Speech (finding words, apraxia, articulation, etc)
* Socialization
* Mood
* Behavior
* Sleep Regulation
* Depression
* Neurotransmitter function
* Autoimmune symptoms
* Chemical Sensitivity
* Digestion
* Viral Infections
* Inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, fibromyalgia
* Asthma
* Irritable bowel
* Colitis
* Eye or muscle "twittering"
* Tinnitus
* Nail biting
* Migraines
* Visual and auditory processing
* Modulation of light
* Night vision
* Improved ability to process sounds and modulate background noise
* Assisting in nerve growth
* Blocking the effects of ethanol
* Greatly reduces the desire for alcohol, coffee, marijuana, methamphetamines, and possibly many other addictive drugs and behavior.
Are there any peer reviewed studies that prove it works for this ?

Here is the dose they suggest for an adult:
1250mcg of MB12 together with 100mcg of folic acid per .1ml spray once in each nostril once per day. MB12 is concentrated at 12.5mg/ml and the folic is 1mg/ml

The links on the site to research are dead.Do you have access to the studies,and could you give me links ?I see the lollipops have more than twice the amount of the spray.Does this higher dose negate the need for folic acid?I was under the impression that in order for MB12 to work,it and the folic acid had to be taken together and released together.Not so ?

Crystal said...

I've got to try these...I need a "ping"...or something equivalent. :)

Kim Stagliano said...

Roger, I'll ask Stan this week. KIM

Josh Day said...

Roger, I'm with you. If it hadn't been for Kim's recommendation, I never would have even considered it. I went ahead and ordered a shipment to try it out, but I'm skeptical. What I'm after is the improved energy as I work on the computer all the time every day and my brain gets fried.

Anonymous said...

I purchased two bags hoping my brother (PDD, age 24) would stop obsessing even if it meant for 20 minutes...He didn't lick the lollipop he chewed the crap out of and I was thinking "great there goes a buck twenty five down the drain -- and then something wonderful happened. within 10 minutes (could have been sooner, but my day passes very quickly) He was calm. He asked thoughtful questions. --it only lasted about 3 hours...but it was blissful for me. There is something to this...

Anonymous said...

I agree with Josh. If not for Kim I don't think I would have tried them but thank you Kim for opening my eyes. Although their website claims that it helps with many ridiculous things that I highly doubt, the revitapops definitely helped me with energy. If you need energy and don't want all the caffeinated products this is a good alternative.