Monday, June 15, 2009

Another rainy day.... UGH! What a rotten Spring/Summer so far. It's raining and 57 degrees this morning.


Kim Stagliano said...

Check out that lemon chiffon dress! Today she'd be wearing a strapless hanky w/ her koochie hanging out and have tatts all over her body. Blech.

K Fuller said...

As I remember, she did not have much of a koochie. It made me sad that with all that talent she did not love herself enough to eat.
I wish she lived today, there is so much more knowledge and help.
I still play their albums. And sing loudly along!

Amanda said...

just catching up after a few days of no internet - AGAIN - went to the pub and caught the sun at 7pm last night!! Actually had to move to shade.....this morning it's dank so just as well we made the most of it!