Saturday, July 03, 2010

Sparkle Like A Certain Vampire!

Ah the power of Twitter! I saw an interesting Tweet this Spring, about a bedazzled line of custom T-shirts. (My God, did I really just use the word "bedazzled" in a sentence?) The nice folks at Bling is the New Black made a rush order for me in time for Autism One. You can order your own T-shirt and tote directly from Tanya at BITNB. Not only will you feel all sparkly (did I just use sparkly in a sentence?) you'll support Age of Autism too.

Go to Bling is the New Black and click on the Age of Autism menu on the left. That's Mark Blaxill from AofA and me at Autism One in May. Sparkle on!

Bling T shirtBling Tote

1 comment: said...

Kim rocks the sparkle! You go!