Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Americanland by Bruce Springsteen.

I'm listening to the news - Afghanistan, soldiers dying - 9 years and billions (trillions?) spent. Meanwhile the average American goes about his/her business with nary a thought to the struggle, sacrifice and pain. During WWII, wives, sisters, fathers, children - everyone chipped in. Women gave up their stockings so the nylon could be used for parachutes. Butter was replaced by oleo. Sugar was rationed - I collect vintage cookbooks and have many WWII Era recipes designed for the frugal and rationed wife. Today? The Hummers are back on the road even as the oil is floating about the Gulf. AC is purring in every home. Sprinklers keep lawns verdant.

We used to be able to suck it up. Sacrifice by CHOICE - not just because we lost our jobs and had no options. Now, I'm guessing that more people know the name Snookie than Karzai.

Bring back the Draft. No exemptions except for severe mental or physical problems. No, not you corporal Klinger. Not exemptions for college, the last name of a Senator, ADHD drugs, flat feet, a zit on your dick. If you're an 18 year old boy OR GIRL, get ready to rub sand in your ass crack because you're going to fight.

Think things would change?


K Fuller said...

Yes things would change! We Mother's will rise up and shout ENOUGH! Not another child dead, not one more. Put the leaders into a room to fight it out. Good grief make them all take active listening seminars.
Live and let live.
All these years and dead bodies later, and the problem remains the same. Do they want change? Is it really cultural in the middle east? Can anyone really change that? Wish I had the answer. said...

Yeah. I think things would change a lot.

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

God bless our men and women who volunteer. I think today more than ever, it takes a very special brand of Patriotism for the thankless job of defending Americans who'd rather watch American Idol than hear a roll call of the war wounded and dead.