Monday, June 28, 2010

StagMom's Carnival Gluten Free Casein Free Frosted Birthday Cake

I've been tweaking my GFCF cake recipes and boy I think I've come up with a winner. When Bella made her First Holy Communion last month, I ordered a professional made GFCF cake from Jill at Sweet Gluten Free in Bridgeport, CT. The cake was TO DIE FOR. Moist chocolate cake with a melt in your mouth coconut oil based frosting and just look at the carefully cut fondant letters and hand crafted flowers. Kimmy loves to bake. Kimmy can not make a cake look that even and professional. This is the PROFESSIONALLY MADE cake below. See it's gleaming perfection. It's dreamy, isn't it?

Gianna's birthday (14!) is on July 11 (yes, my 7/11 Slurpee girl!) and I ordered a cake from Jill. But, I still need to bake cakes on a regular basis. Yes, I said NEED. Baking is my Xanax, OK?

So here's my recipe for StagMom's Carnival Cake. It's not health food. It won't accommodate every special needs diet. But if you make it, I promise you not a single soul will know it isn't a "real" cake. Oh it's real, and I have the belly fat to prove it. This bakes up into a moist, barely sweet pound cake that is set off perfectly by the cotton candy carnival frosting.


1 Box Betty Crocker GF yellow cake mix (double the recipe for a 2 layer cake)
Substitute So Delicious brand unsweetened coconut milk for the water (that's the green carton)
Substitute Jones All Natural Cream Soda for the vanilla
Use 3 eggs, just like the box says

Frosting (enough for a 2 layer cake)

1 stick Earth Balance shortening softened
1 stick Earth Balance margarine softened
Jones All Natural Cream Soda
1 large bag Powdered Sugar (use Kosher made with tapioca starch if you can't tolerate corn)
Karo clear syrup (if you can't tolerate corn, use Lyle's Golden Sugar Cane syrup)
Beat shortening and margarine until smooth
Add 1/8 cup cream soda
Add 2 tbsps Karo
Add 1 cup sifted powdered sugar, beat until creamy
Slowly add remaining sifted powdered sugar (yes you can skip the sifting if you must, harumph)
Add more cream soda until the frosting is an easy spreading consistency.

If piping the frosting - say onto cupcakes, keep frosting slightly firm. Softer for spreading.

Lick fingers many, many times. Wash them, for God's sake.

Set cake on counter. Call family. Enjoy the accolades.

Dig in!


kim mccafferty said...

Wow, that actually looks good, not just edible. I may have to move to CT if my youngest stays on the diet, because the GFCF brownies I make just aren't cutting it. Thanks for sharing! said...

Beautiful. Thanks for the recipe!