Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Thank you Michael Stipe.

Health insurance should be affordable and accessible. I've felt the sting of being turned down by insurance. The panic of not being able to pay the COBRA premiums. The worry of having yet another job and another company and a larger deductible to meet. Please. Open your hearts. Those of us on the outside of insurance are not the enemy. We're your neighbors and friends and family.


Roger Kulp said...

Hate to be cynical,but these people dpn't matter.

The drug companies and insurance companies do. They call the shots,because they've bought the best government money can buy.

Now if you'll excuse me,I'm off for more fun with my bowels.

Cheryl Kauffman said...

I constantly worry our insurance company will drop us if my husband's leukemia comes back, or that he won't be able to get insurance if he ever switches jobs.
We have also spent thousands of dollars on our daughter's healthcare because our insurance won't cover treatment for asperger's.
I think if enough people band together with our votes we can overcome the influence of the drug and insurance companies.

Roger Kulp said...

A Speech Even Insurance Companies Could Love

bitt said...

thank you. i am uninsured right now. i can't afford to wait either.