Friday, September 04, 2009

Is it Wrong to Drink Pumpkin Spice Latte While Wearing Tooth Whitening Strips?
Recently, my sister told me she was taking her son to the dentist for a teeth whitening process. He has had some staining on his teeth since he was a tot. White strips didn't help. Not sure if the dental version will, I hope so.

This got me to think of of my own teeth which are, shall we say, oversized. Think Marie Osmond having mated with a set of dominoes. That kind of large.

I drink a ton of coffee. And now Starbucks has brought back the pumpkin spice latte, the only latte I'll drink. Venti. 3 pumps (instead of 5, too sweet) skim milk.

I figure my teeth my be stained by now. My eyes aren't reliable. But I'm assuming they are.

So I bought Target white strips for $15. I wasn't springing for the Crest brand at close to $40. Forget the $200 or $300 or $500 dentist version. I popped on a set this afternoon. Then remembered I'd bought my latte earlier today. Dayum.

I drank the latte while whitening my teeth. Not quite smoking during chemo, I realize. But still, maybe kind of dumb?


Michelle O'Neil said...

: )

Too funny.

Laura said...

I've done tooth whitening while nursing a latte, myself! Oh, and that's my weird tip for today -- ear wax removal drops use the same chemical as tooth whitener, carbamide peroxide, and though I felt weird the first time I brushed my teeth with Auro, that's what I do now to save money! Of course, you don't get the stuff on your teeth as long as with the strips, and when you chase it with coffee, it's probably not as effective! ;) I love those pumpkin spice lattes, too, as well as Christmas time's peppermint mochas.

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

Laura! Really??? I bought the cheapo Target brand for 14 bucks. I'll see if it works. Ear stuff? I've heard of using Prep H on wrinkles! It shrinks the skin!!! Especially if you're a butthead.

Amanda said...

Pumpkin spiced latte?? Sounds horrid!

I wouldn't worry to much about your teeth - they look just fine to me!

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

STruggling not to make a Brit teeth comment.... GAH!!!!!! Run away! Run away! Amanda, it's delish and I don't even put sugar in my coffee except for this latte.