Sunday, September 06, 2009

Sunday Cooking!

I love the Fall! September through December is my favorite time of year. And Sunday means "cooking." Today's menu includes a giant batch of GFCF meatballs and chicken cutlets.


4 pounds meatloaf mix (ground pork, veal, beef, available everywhere in the NE, not sure about elsewhere.)

4 eggs
fresh parsley and oregano (dried if off season) I use a cup of each if fresh, 1/2 cup if dried
2 cups GFCF breadcrumb of choice. Today I'm using Costco's Brown Rice Chips w/ Sea Salt crushed to smithereens. Sometime I use Nature's Valley Rice Squares cereal. Commercial GFCF crumbs are a fortune - and I like to beat the bag to a pulp with my rolling pin.
2 cups DariFree or water - warmed, more or less depending how moist you like the meatballs
Palm-full of salt
1/2 palm full of pepper
2 tablespoons at least of garlic - I use the kind in the jar, already prepared, from Trader Joe's or Scalfani, any brand w/out preservatives will do. Or fresh cloves minced or dried to taste. I like a ton of garlic,
Take off your wedding ring

Mix all ingredients in a giant bowl or even a pasta pot, squish to your hearts content.

How to cook? Some will fry their meatballs. At least in my family we always did. My FIL's recipe calls for broiling. I've also baked them (easier than broiling.) Today, I shall fry them into succulent balls of goodness. My, that sounds naughty.



pixiemama said...

I have a really serious question to ask you: do you honestly like to cook, or have you just come around to the fact that you MUST to preserve your family's health? I really struggle with cooking. I HATE it. Everything from making the list, to going to the grocery store to cooking and even to eating.

So, I'm wondering - do you love it, or did you have to force yourself into this place? And if you did have to force yourself, then HOW? Hypnotism?

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

Hmm, good question. I actually do like cooking. Always have. Though I do far more because of the diet and it's just too expensive to buy prepared. I try to do a lot at once and freeze stuff. And I cook things that are for me, easy. I don't experiment with GFCF Beef Bourgignon or Pheasant under glass!

Leeann said...

You've almost inspired me, Kim. I ruin everything I cook. Really. On top of that, one kid likes cheese the other two don't. Two kids like apples, the other doesn't. And so on and on. Who doesn't like apples? It's a freakin cooking nightmare at my house. I just purchased Julia Child's MY LIFE IN FRANCE. I'm thinking between your post and her book, I might be able to psyche myself into making one edible dish that all will love. I think I can. I think I can.

Full Soul Ahead! said...

Succulent balls.

Would you like avocado with that?