Monday, September 07, 2009

Blue Means Chemicals!

My Gianna's speech is booming! Heck, Mia has had some keen improvements too. I'm thrilled. Today Mia said, "It's my Mommy." Usually she says, "It's the Mom." Like "It's the first day of the week," or "It's September. As a label. "It's my Mommy," is a monster leap.

Back to Gianna.

Mark took us out for an end of summer ice cream treat tonight. Enzymes swallowed, coconut ice cream packed for Bella and a trip 3 tenths of a mile up the street to Sunny Dae's.

Gianna carefully carried two cups of ice cream to our table. She noticed the very young child at the next table. He was eating a soft serve (yuck!) ice cream cone dipped in blue stuff. (Autism moms, can you see what's coming?)

"Blue!" she declared in the only volume with which she's equipped, foghorn. "Blue means chemicals!"

Mark locks eyes with me from across the table. (Please, in our life this qualifies as foreplay, let me have my moment.) He smirks. I giggle. Gianna bellows again, "Blue means chemicals!"

By now, my shoulders are boinging up and down and tears are streaming out of my eyes. My back is to the table with the chemical licking child and his parents. Thank God.

I've taught Gianna that we don't eat colored foods - the unnatural ones. Sure, we'll sneak a bag of dark M&Ms when Grandma comes over - that's always her treat and I'm not a complete martinet.

Grocery store? Same thing. Gianna eyeballs foods and what's in carts. "Mac and cheese! YUCK! Chemicals!"

Speech. Ain't it grand?


K Fuller said...

Wow! Next comes, "That man stinks", and,"That girl talks odd"
And then there is that always welcome announcement that someones child is a beast!
Yes, speech is grand, even the bad words! I will take whatever our son gives us!!!

Amanda said...

LOVE IT!! Did Mark see any reaction form the table of blue food?

Anonymous said...

LOL. Max has taken to calling out anyone he seeing smoking. He stops in his tracks, points and screams. Mommy, oh no, he's smoking. He's going to get very sick. Mostly, we're ignored, an occasional dirty look but we made one woman cry. Perhaps it is for the best. Maybe that woman quick when my son, like an oracle, predicted that the cig would be the end of her.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Go G!

Shout it from the rooftops baby girl!

Kathy said...

ROTFLOL! Oh Kim, that is GREAT. I love to hear her words ... how hysterical ... I love what you consider foreplay too ... I so can't wait to read your freaking book. I'm getting copies for all my girlfriends!

Anonymous said...

I share your aversion to chemicals and processed food. However, I'm surprised you are encouraging your daughter to be judgmental of other people's behaviors and choices. Wouldn't you be dismayed to hear some other child comment about what they observed from your daughters in public? Words are great, and I'm glad Gianna is using hers. But judgement is good too, and exercising some, by not smugly celebrating your daughter's judgmental tone, would be refreshing. You want other people to accept your daughters as they are, right? Perhaps it's worth also teaching them to accept other people and their choices. It goes both ways.