Friday, March 27, 2009

Doctor skull A Little White Slip of Paper with Bad Handwriting on it Does Not Make a Drug Safe.
From Age of Autism, by Kim.

Two articles in one week should shake parents of kids with autism, Asperger's and ADHD who are on powerful meds to their core. In the first, we learn that Harvard Psychiatrist Dr. Joseph Biederman promised postitive results to Johnson & Johnson in risperidone testing. (HERE). From the NYT: An influential Harvard child psychiatrist told the drug giant Johnson & Johnson that planned studies of its medicines in children would yield results benefiting the company, according to court documents dating over several years that the psychiatrist wants sealed.

The psychiatrist, Dr. Joseph Biederman, outlined plans to test Johnson & Johnson’s drugs in presentations to company executives. One slide referred to a proposed trial in preschool children of risperidone, an antipsychotic drug made by the drug company. The trial, the slide stated, “will support the safety and effectiveness of risperidone in this age group.”

In the second from the Washington Post (HERE) we learn that ADHD drugs may not work beyond 24 months and - and that this information has been withheld from parents. New data from a large federal study have reignited a debate over the effectiveness of long-term drug treatment of children with hyperactivity or attention-deficit disorder, and have drawn accusations that some members of the research team have sought to play down evidence that medications do little good beyond 24 months.The study also indicated that long-term use of the drugs can stunt children's growth. The latest data paint a very different picture than the study's positive initial results, reported in 1999.

The mainstream media turns to published studies to choose how to write about autism, Asperger's and ADHD. Pharma uses them to convince doctors what to prescribe. How many children are on risperidone, whch has the trade name Risperdal? Check out the black box warning (HERE). Our elderly are now drugged to smithereens on this product too. Get 'em young! Get 'em old! Drug from birth until they're cold!

Millions of kids have been drugged since they were tots with unproven drugs. But we're the crazies for giving our kids magnesium and fish oil? Where's the outcry? One child dies from a medical error involving chelation and the media pounces on the story. This Haaavud doctor has singlehandedly turned American children in zombies and monsters. Listen to the crickets chirp.

As far as the ADHD drug problems; think of how many American boys and girls are on these drugs for years and years, their parents unaware that the manufacturers knew their efficacy was limited and yet, demanded more market share. And doctors were complicit. It's astounding. I think the DARE program might need to include legally prescribed drugs. Just say no.


Michelle O'Neil said...

My husband the pharmacist sees it all the time. Humans on so many meds it seems impossible. Young,old,and in between. Especially the psychotropics. Doses prescribed by any kind of doctor, doses that aren't given time to take effect before they titrate up.

BTW, he'd have to be in agony before he'd even take a motrin.

RJeff said...

I can't count the number of so-called informed acquaintences who've asked what ADHD drugs we were prescribed for my son. Fortunately, our pediatrician never even mentioned them as a recourse, probably realizing we'd have said "No thank you please". We've been following the homeopathic route, and it seems to be working just fine thank you very much.

Now if only Merck or Pfizer would come up with a pill that makes him want to clean his room ....

Dr Chun Wong said...

This is why I am a DAN! doctor, treating children with biomedical treatments rather than advocating such drug therapies. "Traditional" drug therapies, in my opinion, just mask autism symptoms, rather than addressing the cause or trigger, and, as your post shows, have awful side effects.
As you say, a prescription does not make something safe, and parents need to research treatments carefully.