Thursday, March 26, 2009

GFCF dinner on a budget - or when you're just plain poor.

Tonight the kids ate the following mistake. Necessity IS the mother of invention. I was going to make soup. Mark and I went to Trader Joe's - we were like old people on social security check day where the husband shuffles after the wife examing every can of creamed corn on the shelf while she yells, "Irv will you hurry up?! I'm going to miss the Price is Right!"

While at Trader Joe's, I bough a $3.00 tub of MirePoix - that's French for cut up carrots, onions and celery - soup, gravy or stock starter. If they called it cut up veggies it would only cost $2. You pay more for French. I bought a box of organic chicken broth for $2.00. I had a Trader Joe's brown rice packet in the freezer so I call that free.

I sweated the MirePoix in olive oil for 10 minutes (low heat, cook but don't brown.) I added the broth. I cooked the veggies for a long time while I forgot I was cooking the veggies. The broth all went bye bye. Uh oh. I added a cup of water and the cooked brown rice separately. Added it to the pot.

Voila, veggie stewish stuff that tasted good. GFCF. Healthy. Under $6 total for 3 kids' dinner and my own late lunch.

Eat your heart out Rachel Ray.


RJeff said...

Budget? Heck, that meal qualifies as free. Rachel Ray has nothin' on you, Kimmie.

Cheryl Kauffman said...

OK, I feel really guilty now. I have been a bad, lazy mom, buying Ian's frozen chicken nuggets and french bread pizza. My daughter loves their frozen stuff and eats it without complaining.

Amanda said...

Well the best bargains are to be had by shopping within the last hour of store time. See Highlandmadness for details!