Thursday, March 05, 2009

I was able to feed my child tonight.

We attend CCD on Thursday nights. That's catechism classes for Catholic kids. Bella makes her First Holy Communion this Spring! We returned from Church School at 7:40pm. I changed Bella into her PJ's, brushed her teeth and tucked her into bed. Mia and Gianna scrambled into their PJ's (Gianna fully independently I might add) and then took care of the toilet, the teeth and off to bed they went.

Bella's door opened. She walked up to me. I saw "hungry eyes." She vocalized, "Ah Wan" which means "I want." I knew she'd be a bit hungry - she ate dinner around 5:00pm.

I took her into the kitchen where I had chicken salad with GF macaroni and homemade chicken soup in the fridge. And a warm loaf of fresh baked GF bread on the counter.

I fed my child. I fed my hungry child.

Many mothers around the world, and even around the block, can not feed their hungry children and extra meal or a snack. That struck me hard as Bella crawled into bed, grabbed her yellow blankie and curled up into a contented, sated ball.

I can feed my children. I have no worries.

Find a local soup kitchen. Go to SECOND HARVEST and learn how you can make a difference. Donate your time. Donate some money. There are Moms who need you.


Cath said...

Yes, some things are hard - but at least we can fill their bellies. I do find it ironic that I have to coerce my daughter to eat. She has the ASD sibling stomach issues and we are just trying to figure it out...Working so hard to get a child to eat when so many children are hungry...sigh

LoRi said...

I love your blog, Kim. I was especially moved by this post. Brought me to tears. Thanks for sharing.

Tanya @ Teenautism said...

Amen. Thank you so much for this reminder.

Amanda said...

Yep, my kids are fed, my house is warm. What more do you need? Interest rates have hit a historic low of 0.5% in the UK. People who saved hard all their lives for life in retirement are now not able to make ends meet while people who spent what they didn't have and lived for the moment are being bailed out. How is that fair?

Petra said...

Amen, amen, AMEN!!! I too am grateful everyday that I can feed my kids.

And if you find yourself in a 'I want to do something' mood today, please check out the lend4health site. We have 6 loan requests open right now for families seeking funding for biomedical treatments (so they can continue to use their other funds to feed their children).

K Fuller said...

We all need these reminders. Not only can we provide the meal, but a little more for later when they are hungry again.
Grateful for what we have. Not just today but everyday. It is hard to remember!

Stacy Quarty said...

We do have a lot to be grateful for.

Grace Wallis Gibson said...

The food bank close by had a sponsor for recycable bags and they were passed out at church. Every week we fill the bag and give it to the shelter.

RJeff said...

Thanks for putting it all into perspective.