Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cherry on top
Ask Merck to Return the Individual M/M/R vaccines to the market.

Merck has stopped making individual (monovalent) Measles, Mumps and Rubella shots. So now, your only choice for your child is the full MMR as a 3 in 1 shot. This will discourage many parents from vaccinating their children.

From our friends at New Jersey Coalition for Vaccination Choice:

Merck is receiving hundreds of phone calls from concerned parents who question the vaccine maker’s recent decision to stop making the individual (“monovalent”) measles, mumps and rubella vaccines. Let’s really get their attention. Starting today, join us in a focused campaign to send to Merck a strong message from parents across the country and all over the world. Below you’ll find a sample letter which outlines our key reasons why Merck must resume manufacturing the monovalent vaccines. You can use this letter as-is or edit any part of it. If you have time, please complete steps #1 through 4:

1) Send the letter to: Mr. Richard T. Clark, CEO, Merck & Company, One Merck Drive PO Box 100, Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889-0100
2) Fax the same letter to 908-735-1244 (back up fax 908-735-1500 or 215-993-1220)
3) E-mail the same letter to and copy
4) Call them and deliver the message in person: 908-423-1000 and ask for the office of the CEO (back up number (800) 672-6372, press 2, then press 3)

Make the contact with Merck and we’ll report back to let you know what we’re hearing. We also know that parents are searching high and low, traveling the globe and spending thousands of dollars to locate the individual vaccines. Send your “Finding M, M and R” stories to

Thank you! The sample letter is (HERE).


Jenn said...

Ok now I"m pisssssseeeedddddd!!!!!!

Because I have every intention of splitting up Lila's MMR and waiting for the 1st on till she is two.

Jerks. Sending the link to this post to evey email address I have.

Thanks for the info!!! You Rock!!!

ORION said...

good for you (I knew there was a reason I didn't want to buy Merck stock...

Kim Stagliano said...

Choice is important. By removing M/M/ and R from the market, Merck also avoids any safety data comparison. Smart, yes>

Anonymous said...

I simply remain stunned that people would continue to vaccinate their children at all particularly if someone already has one child on the spectrum. The answer is not splitting up the vaccine. Bottom line, all vaccines are dangerous to kids at risk and since we can't seem to identify that risk at birth, why the HELL would anyone continue to vaccinate their child on the spectrum or the sibling at all? So many kids regress into autism after just one vaccine.